So I’ve started a blog….

I guess you could call me a “blogger”. With a passion for writing, I love blogging about all my favourite things!

My main focus of my blog is to be an encouragement to Christians today. Young, old, female, male- anyone and everyone. My faith is something I want to share with my readers in hope that you’ll feel encouraged and uplifted in times of trouble, or joyous days.

I love makeup. Applying it, swatching it, testing it, collecting it- you name it, I’m about it. Makeup to me is a hobby, and something I personally love to collect. I love trying new products and I love documenting my first impressions- good or bad, and I love raving and recommending beauty products I’ve newly discovered or have been in my collection for years.

I’m a bookworm, who can easily get lost in a book. I’m a baker, who loves to whip up a batch of cupcakes with swirly butter icing or try a new recipe and hope that it’ll go to plan. I’m a photo taker (and hoarder), who loves to take photos of life as it’s lived, and the things that come with it. I’m a sketcher and doodler when boredom and creativity strikes and I’m an avid writer who regularly jots down inspiration for blogs and even stories.

My blog is essentially me thinking out loud (not the Ed Sheeran song…). My thoughts, my musings, my favourite things. Follow my blog for regular posts on my faith, lifestyle, makeup, beauty and more!

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