Beauty Buys!


Today I thought I’d post something a little different- a beauty haul! After a day of retail therapy and hitting the shops with one of my best friends and having such a lovely girly day together, it’s safe to say I came back with a few beauty related items that I wanted to share my initial opinions of.


After hearing the hype around NYX products from YouTubers and beauty bloggers, and browsing their products online for months, I was excited to hear there was a NYX stand in a local Boots. I decided to restrict myself and not overspend, so I settled on the Concealer Wand which is a best-seller of the brand, and also the Jumbo Eye Pencil.

I’ve tested the Jumbo Eye Pencil (shade, Yoghurt), and it’s beautiful. I’d describe this shade as a champagne shimmer, and it’s pigmentation is really good.  When I first tried this I was absolutely amazed! The colour is beautiful and it looks so lovely; I’ve always been a big fan of eye shadow crayons over powder shadows and this one certainly does not disappoint! I will definitely be stocking up crayons in the other colours in the range on my next NYX trip!

The concealer, too is a winner. I’ve heard some great reviews about it, and after trying it for the first time it’s safe to say I’ve found a new favourite concealer! It covers blemishes perfectly and doesn’t crease, so it gives a lovely natural finish. It also blends really well, which is always a must! I also suffer with redness on my skin occasionally, and I’ve noticed they sell a green anti-redness concealer which I have to try out (I know green concealer sounds strange, but it’s all part of colour correcting and it’s not actually that scary!). I’d definitely recommend this one already!


I’ve always found it hard to walk past the Urban Decay counter without swatching multiple products and convincing myself that I need them, and the new VICE lipstick range tempted me. The newly released VICE lipstick collection was familiar to me; I follow Urban Decay on multiple social media accounts and am forever seeing pictures of these new, revamped UD lipsticks. This new collection features over 100 lipsticks, with a range of 6 finishes. The first lipstick that caught my eye was ‘Peyote’, and I fell in love immediately as soon as I swatched it. Peyote is a metallic finish, and is classified by the brand as the ‘Metallized’ finish, and it gives such a lovely shimmer. The colour itself is a dusty rose-mauve, and is very shimmery- something that definitely tempted me! My friend also found the shade ‘liar’ which she also fell in love with, so we went off to grab some lunch with the swatches on our hands to decide whether or not to purchase them. Of course we went back later, and purchased the lipsticks we swatched.

Upon bringing this lipstick home and using it for the first time, I was won over immediately. The lipstick gives such a lovely shimmer and really lives up to the ‘metallized’ finish. Already I am in love with this product, and I’m already tempted to purchase not only more lipsticks from this collection, but the matching lip liner…


Left to Right: Mango Sunrise, Silver Strand Beach

When you go into Hollister, you can never quite ignore that familiar, lovely Hollister scent that fills the shop floor. Every time I visit the shop, I am always tempted by their body mists- spraying each and every one and forgetting which scent belongs to which bottle. After surprisingly browsing the clothes and not finding anything, we headed for the fragrance stand. We realised there was a deal on- buy two get two free, so we decided to club together and do it. I selected the Mango Sunrise scent and the Silver Strand Beach scent. When we got to the till my friend bought both mine and hers as a treat and as a birthday present- she’s the best! These sprays are so lovely and there really is a scent for everyone! I find these scents so refreshing and summery!

All in all the day was lovely, and I’m also very happy with the products I came home with. I cannot wait to try and test them…maybe some will end up in my July favourites!

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know your thoughts down below 🙂


Disclaimer: I am not trying to brag or boast, all products are purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise and all opinions are of my own 🙂



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