High Street Beauty Favourites!


As much as I love treating myself to high end products, highstreet beauty products are undoubtedly a cheaper alternative. It’s also in many cases that these high street products can be just as good as their more expensive counter rivals- win win! I’ve tried and tested a range of high street products, some wonderful, some average, some disastrous…so today I’ve decided to share with you my favourite high street makeup products from over the years.

NYX Concealer 

If you saw my Beauty Buys post (if not, check it out here!) you’ll have heard all about my recent buys from NYX. One of my purchases has turned out to be a high street favourite  The NYX concealer is definitely my favourite highstreet concealer going. The coverage is incredible and I find it blends so easily! For £5.50, this concealer is a winner for me.

NYX Concealer and Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (exclusive to the Real Techniques Starter Set)

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Prior to trying out the NYX Concealer, I was a big fan of the popular Wake Me Up concealer by Rimmel. I think this concealer is really good for £5.49, and it was actually my first proper concealer! I personally don’t believe the coverage is as good as the NYX concealer, however I think this concealer does do a job of covering under eye circles and making you look much more awake (hence the name!) So if you don’t have a NYX Counter near you, then this concealer is one to look out for.

Left to Right; Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, NYX Concealer

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt and Sparkle 

I love eyeshadow crayons,  I think they’re very easily to apply- so they’re great for beginners who are just starting to introduce eyeshadow into their makeup routine. These NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are wonderful; they are so pigmented, easy to blend, and even easier to apply. These pencils can be sharpened so you aren’t wasting product, and for £5.50 I feel these are another winner. If you don’t have a NYX counter near you, I really recommend the Rimmel Shadow Sticks which are just as good and a similar price!

NYX Jumbo Eye Sticks, retailed at £5.50.

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff

This was one of the first eyeshadow quads I purchased, and still to this day it’s one of my favourites. These Soap & Glory eyeshadows really helped me practise blending when I first got into eyeshadow, and have also helped me create neutral eyeshadow looks over the years. The quad comes with four colours, three mattes and one shimmer, and I find them really pigmented and perfect for an everyday natural eyeshadow look. This quad is £10.99, so it’s a little pricey but Soap & Glory eyeshadows I find are really good quality so are definitely worth the money. I believe this quad may be hard to get your hands on now, as I’m not sure whether they’ve discontinued it! However they have released new palettes featuring 10 eyeshadows for £13 (Bargain!).

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff, featuring three matte shadows and one shimmer.

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Copper

This was the first cream pot eyeshadow I tried, and I absolutely love it! I absolutely love the colour ‘Copper’, which is pictured below; i’d describe it as a shimmery a golden champagne brown, and it’s such a lovely colour. However, I feel Max Factor could introduce a few more colours to this collection as I feel there isn’t a great choice. Another good high street cream eyeshadow comes from Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo range, which I’ve heard many good reviews about! However, I love the Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot I own, I find the colour really wearable, easy to blend, and long lasting! These are retailed at £7.99, so are a little pricey as Max Factor is more at the higher end of the high street spectrum. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream shadows are retailed at £4.99, so a slightly cheaper alternative.

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Copper, featuring Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush

No7 Intense Volume Mascara

For me, the Boots brand No7 always master high street mascaras. The No7 Extreme Length mascara is my go to mascara, and has been for the past year. Even after trying more high end mascaras, such as Benefit’s Rollerlash, I can easily say that this mascara always is the winner for me. It’s quite a natural everyday mascara, however I really find that it really lengthens the lashes (hence the name!) and makes them look really lovely. This mascara can be found at No7 in Boots, and is also available in waterproof (I also have the waterproof version, which is very good!) and also is available  in both black and brown.

No7 Extreme Length Mascara, black, retailed at £12.50.

Soap & Glory Blush, Love at First Blush

One of my favourite Soap & Glory products is their Love at First Blush. The blush is a rose gold blusher, and as you can see it has several shades in one blush! I like to swirl my brush to get a mixture and the colour payoff is usually a rose gold. This blusher gives such a lovely yet natural blush to the cheeks. I’m also a big fan of their Glow All Out Luminising face powder, which like the blusher is retailed at £11 exclusively to Boots. This blush is slightly pricey, but it comes in a lovely compact mirror packaging with a lot of product, and it’s such a good quality.

Soap & Glory Love at First Blush, featuring Real Techniques multi-task brush, blush brush, angled highlighter brush.

Real Techniques

My favourite makeup brushes, hands down, have to be Real Techniques. These brushes are from Bloggers and YouTubers Sam and Nic Chapman, and the products are known for their amazing quality yet affordable price. I’ve tried quite a few of these brushes, and I’d say my favourites have to be the blusher brush, multi-task brush, angled highlighter brush and the Starter Set eye brushes.If you have a bigger budget, the Real Techniques Bold Metals range (exclusive to Boots!) are amazing quality and look so pretty with their metallic packaging! These are slightly more pricey than the original Real Techniques, but the originals do the job just as well!

A sea of Real Technique brushes!

Tanya Burr lipgloss in Champagne Toast & Lunch Date

One of my very lovely friends (thank you M!) gifted me the Tanya Burr lipgloss in Champagne Toast recently, as we both share a love for YouTubers, and it was the first Tanya Burr Cosmetics product I tried. It’s safe to say it’s my favourite high street lipgloss. Ever. It gives such a lovely gloss to your lips and it smells so lovely too! This lipgloss really lasts on your lips and doesn’t make them feel too sticky either which is always a bonus! I also have the colour Lunch Date, which is super pretty! I think people can often look at YouTuber’s beauty products and think they aren’t going to be that good quality, however Tanya Burr’s products definitely prove this idea wrong! I love the two that I have and am definitely going to be adding more to my collection very soon. Retailed at a steal of £5.99, these are certainly not ones to miss!

Left to Right: Champagne Toast, Lunch Date.

Update: I’ve recently added two more shades to my collection from this brand and plan on adding more, so keep an eye out for a Tanya Burr Cosmetics review coming soon…

No7 BB Lips in Ballerina, Blush Pink & Blush Coral

Another No7 favourite! The BB lips are beauty balms are definitely a favourite lip product. I love using these on natural makeup days because they are so so moisturising to your lips and give such a lovely finish. These come in a range of colours and are retailed at £9. You may think this is a lot of money for a beauty balm, however they really do last a long time! I’ve had the shade ballerina for nearly two years and I’ve never had to restock it- bare in mind, I’ve used it ALOT. And I mean, a lot! These are definitely an underrated No7 product, and will always be a firm favourite of mine.

Left to Right; Blush Pink, Blush Coral, Ballerina, featuring Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush.

I hope you’ve seen some products that have caught your eye! Have you tried any of these products before? What are your favourite high street products? I’d love to hear!


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