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Lipgloss Review | Tanya Burr Cosmetics


Left to Right: Berry Picking, I Found Nemo, Just Peachy, Lunch Date, Daydream, Champagne Toast

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to test different makeup and beauty brands that I haven’t tried before. Sleek, NYX, Benefit…but one brand in particular that I’ve been loving is Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Tanya Burr, a successful YouTuber and Blogger that I personally have watched and followed for years, has her own makeup line. The line features eyeshadow and cheek palettes, nail varnishes, and of course lip glosses, which I will be reviewing today.

I think people can often look at YouTuber’s products and brands- such as Tanya Burr Cosmetics, Zoella Beauty, etc. – and think that they won’t be of the best quality. I have to admit I was so excited to get my hands on these, but I was a little sceptical of how good they may be. Anyhow, I put my doubt aside and started slowly building up my collection, starting with the lipglosses, and I was so impressed with the quality.

The lipgloss range I believe includes 11 lipglosses , and the new Soft Luxe range includes 3 matte lip products (which I am yet to try and test…once I can get my hands on them!). The colours range from subtle shimmers, pinks, reds and deep berries. Whilst I don’t have the whole collection yet, I’m really happy with the shades I do have as I love them all and find them all easily wearible, along with being of a really good quality. Each one has definitely become staples in my everyday makeup routine!


Champagne Toast is undoubtedly my favourite lipgloss from the original range. My lovely friend gave me this lipgloss, and it was actually the first product, let alone lipgloss, that I had tried by Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I’d describe this lipgloss as the perfect everyday shade; it has such a subtle shimmer it’s so easy to pull off.

This lipgloss I believe is being discontinued by the range, therefore after running low on this product recently I picked up another at Superdrug to discover it was in fact 99p! I know this shade is no longer available on the Superdrug website (however it is on FeelUnique at the standard price), but keep an eye out in your Superdrug store to see if you can grab this shade for a bargain before it goes!

Champagne Toast, definitely my favourite gloss!


Lunch Date is another favourite from the collection, and definitely an everyday lipgloss. Lunch Date can be described to have quite a very subtle shimmer, but the shade itself is quite a pink toned pale n*de. As mentioned the shimmer in this is very subtle, unlike my other favourite Champagne toast, but a lot more of a gloss finish. However, this shade is so easy to wear on an everyday basis as it’s very easy to pull off- I think that’s why I love it so much!

Lunch Date, another firm favourite of mine!


When I first saw Daydream, I wasn’t too sure it would suit me. However now, it’s definitely an everyday favourite! The lipgloss is quite a sheer n*de, with some subtle shimmer particles too that help to give a lovely glossy shimmery finish. Much like Lunch Date and Champagne Toast, another everyday natural colour.

Daydream, the perfect everyday colour.


Just Peachy is your perfect pink peach shade! I’d say this shade is perfect for people who want a step up from n*de shades, but perhaps a step down from brighter shades from the collection like I Found Nemo.

Just Peachy, your perfect peachy pink gloss.


I Found Nemo is a beautiful coral shade. I feel this colour is perfect for people experimenting with bright colours, as it’s not too vivid but still gives a pop of colour on the lips!

I FOUND NEMO, a quirky coral gloss.


Berry Picking is a deep red shimmery gloss and it’s so pretty! I always want to wear berry coloured lip products but sometimes it’s slightly daunting! However this gloss is so easily wearible. I feel this is a lot easier to wear than a deep red lipstick, and it so easy to apply using the applicator- ensuring there’s no room for error!

Much like Champagne Toast, I also picked up Berry Picking for 99p in stores. I’m sad this shade is leaving the collection and no longer on the superdrug website (again, still available on Feel Unique), so be sure to try and find any left overs in your local superdrug for a bargain.

Berry Picking, a deep berry gloss perfect for autumn!

I’m so impressed with the quality of these Tanya Burr lipglosses. Tanya’s lipglosses are something special. I always struggle to find a good quality lipgloss; they either don’t stay on for long, aren’t pigmented or too sticky, but I don’t think Tanya’s range hold any of these bad qualities. They are most definitely pigmented (what you see in the tube is the colour you get, which is definitely a good sign!), they aren’t sticky or uncomfortable, and I really believe that these glosses are long lasting. These lipglosses are priced at £5.99 at Superdrug (I believe they are also currently on promotion on, and for the quality these are definitely worth the money! They also come in the cutest packaging, which is a bonus!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics is definitely a new favourite for me! I’m definitely looking into trying other products from the range to review such as the eyeshadow and cheek palettes, and the matte lip products from the new Soft Luxe Collection (when they’re in stock!). I’m also looking out for her Christmas range, which I’m sure won’t be one to disappoint!

You can buy Tanya Burr Cosmetics on FeelUnique and also Superdrug (online and available in most stores).


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