Soap & Glory HAPPY GLAMPER Review

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You all know I’m a BIG fan when it comes to Soap & Glory, so when I saw they were releasing this product I knew I had to pick it up. Majority of my bath and body products are from S&G, and some of my favourite makeup products are also from the brand (you can check out some of my favourite Soap and Glory makeup items here!)

The handy pink drawstring bag is filled with Soap and Glory delights, so it’s great for if you’re off on holiday, going camping and want to freshen up, or even just as a little treat for yourself.

The set includes essentials you’d want to take away with you, and even includes a mini foldaway hairbrush and anorak. I’m going away for a week this summer, and I’m 100% sure it’ll rain; I’m glad that I can keep dry in my “Glamorak” (I love the name!). It’s a pink polka dot raincoat that will keep me dry from any bad weather!

The kit also includes stuff to help you freshen up, or feel refreshed and at your best if you’re away camping or at a festival. I was super happy to see the kit had their “Hand Maid” sanitiser, which I’m already a big fan of. The hand sanitiser is pocket sized and perfect for on the go, or just in your handbag. It’s quite a fruity, fresh scent which I love. If you need to freshen up your hair, the travel sized dry shampoo “Rushower” is perfect! You also get a body spray which has a lovely, floral fragrance.

You know I LOVE Soap & Glory makeup, so I was happy to see they’d included some makeup products in the kit too. When I first saw the matte lipstick in the shade “Fire Cracker, wasn’t sure I’d be a fan of it as looked quite orange and a little different from something I’d normally wear. However, this lip product really surprised me. It’s a beautiful coral colour, that’s pigmented and very long lasting. A new makeup favourite for me! You also get the popular Skinny Cat liner, to get that perfect liner look!

For £16, I think this kit is absolute steal. Whether you’re going on holiday, on a weekend away, or just fancy treating yourself, you get to try out some fabulous products and have some essentials ready for if you need them.

You can buy Happy Glamper from Boots HERE.

Have you tried out any Soap and Glory products? What are your favourites?




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